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You may have noticed our website got a face lift.  This change occurred for several reasons.  One important reason was to be more mobile friendly. You will notice on your phone or tablet how the new site flows much better and has better functionality than the old site.  To accommodate mobile devices, some functionality settings had to change.  We are still working on adding content to the site at this time and getting everything up-to-date so please bear with us during this time of transition.  We hope the website can be a central source of information about events and activities for the community, parents, students and staff alike. 


If you find a problem, or any incorrect information on the site, feel free to report it to dhagey AT wnrockets.com  (replace AT with @ - typing it this way prevents people from spamming my address!).


If the page does not display correctly, you are probably using an out-dated browser. Please update to the latest version of Firefox or Chrome.  Internet Explorer version 11 should also work.  If you are still on Windows XP, Internet Explorer will NOT work..